Homemade Drunken Cherry Cake with Chocolate

The cake was made by my husband, and we ate it cheek by jowl!)) It was the best Sunday breakfast with a cup of coffee and a piece of flavorful dessert 🥰 If you are a fan of juicy biscuits – make it for sure! It’s delicious and similar to a cherry “potato” cake 🍒 Cooking Drunken Cherry Cake in Chocolate recipe. .


▪️300 g eggs (6 pieces)
▪️40 g yolks (2 pcs.)
▪️150 g flour in a sift or extra
▪️150 g sugar
▪️30 g cocoa powder

▪️400 g cherries 🍒 without bone
▪️100 g condensed milk
▪️100 g butter 82-84%
▪️150 g chocolate 50-70%
▪️100 g cherry liqueur (we have 80g rum)

▪️200 g chocolate 50-70%
▪️30 g vegetable oil
▪️250 g cream 30%
▪️50 g honey
▪️100 g roasted walnuts

How to make:

  1. 1) Preheat oven to 160-165C.
    2) Beat eggs and yolks (room t) with sugar for 5-7 minutes until well-blended.
    3) Sift the flour and cocoa, in batches through a sieve, gently incorporate into the egg mixture to retain volume
    4) Pour batter into baking paper mold, D22 with removable bottom
  2. 5) Bake for 30-35 minutes at 160-165C until dry
    6) Cool the cake in the mold for 1 hour. Remove paper from biscuit bottom, cut off thin crust cover and take out middle of crumb, leaving sides and bottom as a mold for future cake
    7) Make the crumb from the center of the biscuit, mix with the liquid filling and cherries
  3. 8) For the filling, melt butter + chocolate + condensed milk + cream in a water bath or micro. Combine with the cherries, if they are juicing, they are also included in the filling
    9) the basis for the cake again in a form with paper on the bottom, lay / tamp the filling in the basis from the cake and cover with a cake-lid
  4. 10) put the cake in the refrigerator for 5 hours, better overnight tested)
    11) combine all the frosting ingredients in a water bath or micro, add the nuts and cover the cake
    12) refrigerate it for another 20 minutes and serve 😁👌🏻

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