Red Velvet pancake cake with sour cream

Recipe for a gorgeous red velvet pancake cake with sour cream. I don’t know why everything red in baked goods is called red velvet, but it’s not up to me to change the tradition. So, here we have the most beautiful pancake cake where the color of pancakes is obtained with the help of our natural dye – powder from fermented rice. ⠀ The color of the pancakes will be burgundy, and when combined with white cream it will be fantastically beautiful and bright! These photos just make my soul sing, and I hope yours will too. In the decor of the cake we used our dry daisies, they are just unreal good for decorating anything. But I have to tell you right away, they are a rare commodity, so they run out in just a couple of days. They are out of stock now, but at the end of March I will try to fill you up with these flowers. ⠀ The most important thing: you need 1.5 grams of fermented rice powder per 100 grams of liquid dough. I highly recommend sifting the rice with the flour, it’s easier to mix. The dough itself will not be very pretty, but when baked, you will see the magic: it will be red in front of your eyes! ⠀ ⠀ .


For 25 to 30 pancakes about 20 cm in diameter you need

▪️ Egg C1 – 3 pcs.
▪️ Salt – a pinch
▪️ Sugar – 2 tbsp.
▪️ Milk – 500 g
▪️ Flour – 250 g
▪️ Boiling water – 250 g
▪️ Soda – 1/2 tsp.
▪️ Vegetable oil – 3 tbsp.
▪️ Red rice – 15-18 grams

Sour cream 20% or higher – 600 grams
Soft cottage cheese/Greek yogurt – 280 gr
White chocolate – 140 grams
Vanilla extract – 0.5 teaspoon.

How to make

  1. Whisk the eggs with a whisk with sugar and salt until light foam. Pour in the milk and mix. Sift the flour and rice powder, mix with the egg and milk mixture. In a separate mug mix baking soda and boiling water. Pour the boiling water into the milk mixture stirring constantly. At the end add butter and stir again.
  2. Fry on a low heat, so that the pancakes retain their color, not stick. Before the first pancake, oil the pan (with a brush). To ensure that the pancakes are not dry, be sure to let them sit in a stack (ideally cover with another lid). They soak each other with steam and turn out very tender, soft, not torn and insanely delicious.
  3. Cream:
    Melt the chocolate in a water bath. Mix all the ingredients at room temperature until a smooth, thick cream.
  4. Assembling in a ring:
    First, trim all pancakes in a ring to desired diameter. Lay the ring with acetate film, lay the pancake, on it evenly spread a layer of cream, pancake, cream, pancake, cream. Take the assembled cake to the fridge to soak overnight. In the morning, release the ring and film, and decorate! Bon appetit!

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