Red Velvet Pudding Cups


For the crusts:
✔ rice flour – 220g. ( it can be wheat flour)
✔ Cocoa powder – 10g.
✔ sweetener (erythritol) – 40 gr /or sugar 100 gr
✔soda 1/2 tsp without spice or baking powder.
✔ salt 1/3 tsp.
Kefir 1% – 80g.
✔milk 2,5 % – 115g🥛
✔ eggs – 2 pcs.
✔ butter – 20g (melt).
✔ red food coloring (the one I have in my showtimes)
✔ 6 % grape vinegar (or apple or table vinegar) – 1 tablespoon 🍇

✔ 9% rum – 400g.
✔ Unsweetened yogurt 4% – 100g.
✔milk 2,5 % – 55g.
✔ sweetener – 30g (sugar 70g)
✔ vanillin – 1 gr

How to make

  1. I mix the dry ingredients, then the liquid ingredients with a whisk, combine and mix thoroughly with a whisk Dye in the ready dough. Orient yourself on the color. P.s. Milk can be replaced with kefir, kefir with milk, it is not important.
  2. Baked in pie sheet d 20 cm at 180 ° ~ 50 minutes (do not be guided by time, readiness should be checked with a toothpick). The bottom of the form lined with parchment paper. Do not need to grease, or the biscuit may not rise well.
  3. The cream: To reduce the calorie content, I made the cream with cottage cheese. You can, for example, use ricotta, cream, cream cheese, etc. I divided the cake into 3 layers. You can make it into 2.
  4. For the cream, chop everything with an immersion blender, or chopper, so that you get a soft homogeneous mass. I smeared the cream on the layers and sprinkled with the sponge-cake scraps. We take in the cold for 3 hours Soaking it is possible to saturate the cake, I soaked it with cherry juice. Enjoy!

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